WaterKit is a social enterprise whose sole purpose is to put together numbers, tools, and resources that can directly impact the life of every person who gets in touch with water.
We build tools and models that enhance access to clean, safe, and reliable water for everyone. We use data-driven approaches to ensure that we deliver on this promise. Whether you are an individual,organisation, or government seeking to make the best impact in WASH, you might need to pass by and have a cup of coffee with us and we share with you the right community generated insights and statistics of what is on the ground.
Whether you are an individual seeking to drink water from a bottled can, you might still want to grab our WaterKit App to confirm that can is from who it says it is from. We help you verify before drinking.

We develop solutions that serve the day today need of our community


What We Do
We build solutions that work.

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Water Treatment

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Our Partners
We are proud partners of:
NextFarms Uganda Bamboo Gallery Agency For Sustainable Rural Transformation Community Focus Internationl Lira University Gulu University