and.... WaterKit?

WaterKit is a social enterprise whose sole purpose is to put together numbers, tools, models, and resources that can directly create positive impact in the life of every person who lacks or gets in touch with water. We build tools and models that enhance access to clean, safe, and reliable water for everyone. We achieve these through data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Our Solutions

We provide these solutions to ensure that we meet our dream of providing clean, safe, and realiable water for all.

Water Knowledge

Data Driven solution for WASH
Data Science,Machine Learning, AI,Analytics


App for water verification before drinking.
Water source verification, Safe bottled Water, AI


Water treatment agents for safe drinking
Safe Water, Health, Marketing


We are proud to have had a chance of working with these amazing partners:
NextFarms Uganda Bamboo Gallery Agency For Sustainable Rural Transformation Community Focus Internationl Lira University Gulu University